Here I lay out some of the best blogs, resources, and tools that you can use for all your personal finance needs.

Personal Finance Tools


Personal Capital - When it comes to tracking your overall financial picture including bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and debt there is nothing out there better than Personal Capital. You can log into your accounts through their secure website to get read-only access to your data and a dashboard full of tools. Although it has a budgeting tool, I prefer to use EveryDollar mentioned below.


EveryDollar - As I have wrote elsewhere, budgeting is the key to success in the personal finance game. I have yet to find a budgeting app that I like more than EveryDollar. I pay for the premium version, so that my transactions are downloaded automatically into the app. The best thing about the app is that you drag and drop your transactions into the right categories so that it still gives you the nudge to pay attention to where your money is going.


Vanguard - This is my number one choice when it comes to investments. There are a lot of sexy investing apps coming out, but none have the company set up and prestige of Vanguard. The great thing is Vanguard has pioneered the era of low fees and commission free transactions. It is one of the only place where you can be sure that the company’s incentives align with yours. All of my investments are in Vanguard apart from my current company 401k.


Audible* - My attention span is just way too short to actually sit down and read a book. I use audible exclusively to read all my books. Whether I am driving or working out, I can always have a good book in my ear. Sign up for a free trial and get two free audiobooks! See my reading list below for some suggestions.


Breaker Podcast - Apart from audiobooks, podcasts are my next favorite way to consume information. There are a lot of podcast apps out there, but Breaker is the only one I know that allows users to rate each episode and leave comments. It’s a great way to see other great individual podcast episodes even from channels that you aren’t subscribed to.

Investing Resources

Investment Fee Analyzer - - Analyzes your investment fees and makes suggestions for lower fee funds with the same asset allocation

Portfolio Backtester - - Nerd out on different portfolios, investment techniques, and risk profiles

Trade Stops - - If you are going to trade, you are leaving money on the table if you aren’t using trade stops

Track Hedge Funds - - Want to simply follow the best investors in the world? Whale wisdom synthesizes their portfolio every quarter

Blogs I Read

Mad Fientist -

Jim Collins Blog -

Coach Carson -

Patrick O’Shaughnessy -

The Felder Report -

Meb Faber -

The Investor’s Podcast -