One of my favorite topics to talk about is investing. It can be a fantastic way to build wealth as well as a miraculous way to lose money. In this section I give you the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions on investing.

Humans Are Hardwired To Suck At Investing

As humans we are better equipped for making cat videos then we are for investing. Inherent in our minds are evolutionary biases that were developed to save our lives. Unfortunately those don't play out so well in the markets.

What Traffic Taught Me About Investing

Driving in traffic is extremely frustrating. On the daily I see more birds than a florida retiree and I am not talking pelicans here. But I was able to draw some conclusions from this to help clarify the investing world.

Simplest Investment Plan On The Planet

Investing doesn't have to be hard. In fact good investing is often easy and boring. I go into the simplest investment plan on the planet and how you can use it to do better than 80 to 95% of the people in the market.

Tweaking The Simplest Plan

Once you have the right basis it is easy to tweak it with some simply allocations for even better diversification. Here I break down some easy allocations and how to implement them.