Young Analytical Mind Financial Simulator

Here at Young Analytical Mind I am all about providing world class information and tools to make your life better. So I would like to present to you the most sophisticated financial simulator available to the public. It has four main calculators all put together to not only make the simulation more realistic, but extremely practical in planning for future purchases and retirement.


Current Net Worth and Cash Flow Analysis

In order to achieve financial goals you have to start with where you are at. The simulator makes it easy to get started by asking some simple questions and entering your current debts. From that it will tell you where you stand and what your monthly savings potential is.


Debt Freedom And Emergency Fund Calculator

Phase 1 copy.jpg

Along with net worth tracking, it has one of the most intuitive debt freedom calculators out there. You have a choice of simulating you debt payoff using highest interest first, lowest balance first, the YAM Method I developed, or your own custom order. Easily compare interest paid, your debt free date, and your debt payoff schedule. After the simulator has you debt free it will then estimate when you will have your emergency fund saved. You can choose how many months of expenses you want covered in your fund.


Mortgage And Payoff Calculator

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Once you are debt free, the calculator will simulate a home purchase. You can edit all of the purchase parameters using a simple user form and see the affect on your payoff time and net worth. You can compare the the interest you save in paying your home off early vs going the full term.


Early Retirement And Investment Calculator

If you have read my site, you know that getting your FU Money is a huge goal to achieve. This simulator will not only predict when you will have your FU money, but it can simulate early retirement. You can enter an estimate of a monthly income during early retirement and it will simulate through retirement. The checkboxes make it easy to test out different options in the simulation. You can increase and decrease return or even simulate renting for your entire life. Use the scroll bar to explore your net worth over time.


Simple User Forms Allow For Maximum Nerdage

User forms allow you to edit all assumptions within the simulator. Estimate expense inflation, play with different mortgage rates, or edit retirement draw rates. All for you to personalize the simulation for your plans.


Save A PDF Report For Your Records

Once you have the simulation where you want it you can save a PDF report to keep for your records or put on the fridge to show your parents you are going places.


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