The Finance Series

This is a series of posts that will help you optimize your finances for the long term. I will go through everything from investing to building an emergency fund. It is a one stop shop for everything you need. Currently I am in the middle of writing all the post so be sure to subscribe below to stay up to date as we walk through.

  1. Three Phases To Earning Financial Freedom - The Plan

  2. The Calculation That Broke The Market - Short circuiting the credit cycle

  3. Humans Are Hardwired To Suck At Investing - Investing cognitive biases

  4. You Need F-U Money - The math of financial freedom

  5. The Simplest Investment Plan On The Planet - The easiest way to invest ever written

  6. Tweaking The Simplest Investment Plan Ever - Simple tweaks to make the plan better

  7. Automated Financial Systems 101 - Set up your automated system

  8. Forget Everything You Know About Saving Money - The most practical method for cost cutting out there
  9. The Best Credit Card Recommendation Of 2016: Chop Them Up and Burn Them