The Great Debate: Traditional Vs. Roth Vs. Taxable

Since the dawn of retirement accounts, people have been engaged in a great debate. The millennials want to ditch the retirement accounts because of "the oppression, bruh", the retirees complain that they didn't know what they were doing and picked the wrong account, and the legislaters fight off the intense allure of more tax income that they could squander if they could only get it from those pesky retirement accounts. Just think of all the sports stadiums and private jets they could buy!

In this article I want to go into the math of the debate and show you who wins

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Forget Everything You Know About Saving Money

Budgeting is planning, cutting costs is cutting costs. They are not one in the same as people tend to imagine. Of the two, I would say budgeting is vastly more important. Cutting costs is something you usually have to do, but planning your financial life is the only way you can ever reach a financial goal. You have to be intentional.

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Automated Financial Systems 101

Having an automated system removes the human emotion and psychology from the situation and keeps us from screwing our entire plan up. In this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about  putting in place a fully automated financial system that automatically saves, pays off debt, and invests over time. I will be telling you about great apps that you can use to make all of this super easy and can all be done from your phone. Not more big excel sheets and hours of time. It will take you literally minutes to manage your finances every month.

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